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yeah what up guys Jeff seid here back  with another unboxing and today I’ve got  something very very special for you this  brand contacted me and told me that they  were going to send these out I was super  excited about these because it combines  a couple of the things that I really  really love as most of you guys know I’m  a big sports fan and I follow sports and  I play a lot of sports I’m also running  because I’m going to do a marathon all  of that stuff not all of that has to do  with these shoes but I do have a love  for a couple of those things anyway all  right so I wanted to show you guys need  give you a full look full detailed look  at these so without further ado let’s  break into the box so I’ve actually  known about these for a while and if you  watched a vlog I did maybe about a month  ago someone that I interviewed from this  brand or I should say from Nike actually  revealed that these are coming out ,cheap jordan shoes, though he didn’t say when they were  actually going to come out but he did  tease and say that they were coming and  that’s how I found out about them so I  kind of got a little bit of an early  notice that Jesus were coming and I  tried to be really cooled about it and  not ruin it for everybody so I mentioned  it to a bunch of folks but no one really  paid attention to it I think I think no  one really paid attention to it anyway  so now they’re here so let’s take a look  as you can see as you can see it is in  the Jordan box box rips a little bit  though be careful with that box will  will beat up as you can see it is in the  Jordan spot which as you guys know.

I  apparently like a lot because I have a  Jordan shirt on anyway so without  further ado let’s take a look inside and  see what we have and there you go BAM as  you see the card this is from Nike golf  and that means if you’ve been following  social media and all at least that this  is the Air Jordan 13 golf shoe yes  look at that very very nice oh man this  guy’s not wait to play in me this is  good so this is the Air Jordan 13 low  it’s not the high as many people  expected and they’ve done a great job  with the materials on here this is  really good  it has leather here down at the bottom  it’s almost like an ostrich leather  almost kind of feel here and then they  go with a tumbled leather here on the  sides instead of the traditional suede  that usually see on the Air Jordan 13  and the whole we seem a little shallower  the holes for those,cheap jordans for sale, that are big fans of  the air droids their team that seems a  little shallower now this is actually a  different outsole you take a shoes  outside take your shoes out of the box  here so for golf fans out there are for  those that have been following the  transition that Nike Golf is making into  more into cooler things and they’re  using Jordan brand products they’re  doing like lifestyle here this is not  the same sole that you saw on the Air  Jordan 9 or the Air Jordan 1 these are  you they were using the TW 13 and this  one this one looks to be the outsole of  the lunar control.

I believe it’s the  lunar control outsole which is the shoe  that Rory where’s you can see that I  don’t believe this is lunar foam as well  although it doesn’t say it so I’m not  sure about that I don’t want to say that  but I’m not sure they are waterproof so  for those that like to get out in the  early mornings and play with the do and  everything you don’t have to worry about  your feet getting wet although you will  have to worry about these get super  dirty because they’re all white for the  most part so that means they’ll be  destroyed if you play them in the  morning at least they’ll be dirty you  have to clean them every every time you  wear them far as the details go black  jump man here on the tongue they also  have a silver jump man here on the heel  right near the ankle and I really  honestly really like these I was worried  that I wasn’t going to like them because  the Air Jordan 13 is such a unique  silhouette and having it just turned  into a golf shoe like it’s cool but does  it make sense to do that and I’m  honestly going to say I think it  actually makes sense for these the the  low-cut using the low-cut version  you have that ankle movement you’re  freeing your ankles free to move when  you swing and I don’t feel like these  would hinder your movement at all not  like the Air Jordan ones,cheap jordans, which are a  little high and you can definitely see  how those would restrict your movement  but this is a different look all  together and I’m really excited about  these I can’t wait to get a chance to  play in these anyway so I just want to  give you guys a quick look at the Air  Jordan 13 low golf shoe from the folks  over at Nike golf really I’m really  excited that they’re converging the  rules of basketball and golfers most of  you guys know I love golf I love  basketball so see these two worlds come  together is just perfect for me because  it allows me to blend two of the worlds  that I’m really a big fan of even with  that being said as always guys I  appreciate you make sure you turn on  your notifications and all of that good  stuff I’ll make sure I’ll include a cool  video at the end so make sure you stick  around for that as always I appreciate  you I’m Jack Slade and I’ll see you guys  soon  big

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