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all right everyone’s good you guys I  hope everybody’s having a good day you  guys know how this channel kind of goes  weed not only show all of the hype  sneakers and all the crazy limited  sneakers that are coming out but I also  like to show off sneakers that you know  don’t get too much love or something  that I genuinely think is dope and I  think that you guys might need to know  about today is actually February the  2024 which was a date was a date hold on  let me tell you the date today is  actually February the 23rd these  sneakers come out watch the first so  it’s a little bit of like a week in  advance unboxing for you guys,cheap jordan 11, I want to  show you guys what the sneaker looks  like what I think about the sneakers  what are my initial impressions all that  good stuff before we start the video  like always make sure you guys go down.

there and smash that like button hit  that subscribe button and you just swap  my instagrams right here so make sure  you guys go follow me there honestly  guys all of the likes all of the  comments it really helps to you know  make the channel grow overall so I  really appreciate it with all that out  of the way let’s get into the video bye  bye unions all right so the entire video  was about this sneaker right here  basically the sneaker comes out in a  week and I wanted to show you guys my  initial impressions the story behind  this sneaker is basically I was walking  into a foot action I saw these there I  thought they were kind of cool I kind of  googled it and I realized they dropped  it a little bit early so basically I was  like yo I’m like huh and i’ma show you  guys on the Internet  although they didn’t have my size I  definitely just picked it up .

because I  want to show you guys what they look  like so the sneaking that we’re gonna  talk about in this video is basically  called a Jordan one slip now I think  there was a sample that surfaced like a  couple of years ago and basically it was  a slip on Jordan and at that time nobody  really knew,jordan 11 china, what it was and it was just  an unreleased sample but I guess Jordan  Brand really took that unreleased sample  and they actually started making out  these sneakers I did a little bit of  research I believe that there’s two  different colorways that came out  there’s a black colorway and a white  colorway but the colorway that I have  right here is actually a Chicago  colorway and the reason why a Chicago  colorway is so important is because it’s  one of the OG colors and you guys know  anything with the og color is always a  little bit more hype than the regular  colors so let’s go ahead let’s unbox  these sneakers and let’s see what the  Jordan one slips are all about and  so as you guys can see the Jordan one  slips actually come in a white Jordan  box ,cheap jordan shoes,you got a goal don’t man right here  as we open up the sneakers you guys can  see that it has that white tissue paper  with those gold 23 all over it damn damn  interesting I actually haven’t seen  these sneakers yeah I looked at it for a  couple of minutes but this is actually  my first look at these sneakers as well  pretty cool details man so guys right  here you have the Jordan 1 Chicago slip  now if you guys didn’t catch that from  the title basically this is a slip-on  Jordan 1 kind of sneaker initial  impressions after taking them out of the  box I actually like the overall  silhouette and you guys know I kind of  like comfy sneakers so anytime they try  to make a hype sneaker and they try to  make it comfortable I’m all about it so  i’ma break down the sneakers a little  bit for you guys like always we start  from the sole of the sneaker the sole of  the sneaker is actually a traditional  Jordan one bottom this is one of my  favorite soles on a sneaker hands-down  it’s because Jordan wants soles are  built like tank like they will last  forever  people are still wearing their 1985  Jordans and to me it just I love it man  you could wear forever basically a lot  of other Jordans you really have to  worry about the crumbling and you know  like peeling and all that stuff you  don’t have to worry about that on Jordan  one as we move away from the soil we go  to the upper of the sneakers the upper  of the sneakers is actually a Chicago  colorway so it’s a red and white color  weight this white isn’t actually like a  complete white it actually has a little  bit of that off-white color inside of it  on the side panels of the sneaker you  guys have this black Nike swoosh it’s  actually stitched and it’s raised on top  so it adds a little bit of a you know  touch and details to it on the forefoot  of the sneaker .

you guys can see that  there’s a mini Nike swoosh and I really  like how a lot of Air Max is a lot of  Air Force Ones are now incorporating  this mini swoosh pretty sure the nahji  Sylvester actually has this swoosh also  and it’s a great touch and it really  makes that toe box pop one key thing  about this sneaker and one key thing  that differentiates it is basically  right here you have a snap what this  does is that you’re literally able to  slip these sneakers on and all you have  to do is one two and you’re good to go  huh Comfort is a big thing for me and  just snapping and going is super sick  one of the key features that we have  the speaker is the tongue and you guys  can see this tongue tap on the entire  sneaker goes from the top of the tongue  to the bottom of the time basically what  you have is the nike air tag as well as  the jordan Jumpman air tag if i just  hold it like this you guys can see that  sneaker just pops without that tongue  but again it is what it is that’s what  they added so I guess that’s what we got  to go with at the back of the sneakers  you guys can see that there’s actually a  Jordan Wings logo at the back of each  sneaker right underneath the wings logo  you guys can see that actually has this  text here now this text basically is the  text that’s on this tongue tab right  here and I’m not sure why they put it on  the back of the sneaker also but I guess  looking from far it looks kind of cool  I’m not gonna lie material wise um  honestly you don’t have the best leather  in the world and for a hundred bucks you  really can’t expect the best leather in  the world also it really feels like it’s  like a plasticy leather but you know it  is what it is so yeah guys do you guys  have it that is my review of the Jordan  1 Chicago slips it becomes below let me  know if you guys are gonna copies with  you guys like them you guys hate them  let me know in the comments below like  always make sure you guys go down there  and smash that like button hit that  subscribe button I love you guys from  the bottom of my heart don’t like  copying all your sneakers one to later

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