2004 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 Classic with Harley Fairing and Saddlebags

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hi Albert here with Meydan cycle center today I want to show you a pre-owned 2001 2004 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 classic and if you watch my videos and you see my videos on Vulcan 1500 and 1600 you know what a fan I am of these series cruisers from godless aki-nee these Vulcan 1500 1600 so they just ride real great there’s lots of great accessories that were available for them and just really love the styling on them in the ride on them and they were just great bikes I sold lots and lots of these in the heyday of the cruiser market when these were new this bikes got some really cool custom touches the previous owner modified a set of Harley saddlebags and a rigid mount them to the bike and then the Vulcan 1500 classics came standard with both pipes on one side of the bike so it was a 2 into 2 exhaust on this side and what the previous owner of the spike is he got a set of exhaust off of our nomads one of our nomads where had one muffler on each side of the rear wheel underneath the bags and put them on this bike.

they bolt right on it’s a real easy thing to do and it looks great with this saddlebag setup the other thing that they did is they shaved the factory rear tail light off of the rear bike and so it’s got tail lights and brake lights with these lights in the saddlebags there and so really a sleek look down the back he’s got a highway bar on and the other thing that was done ,ninja 250r fairings,this bike is they modified a Harley front fairing to go on this bike and anyway I’ve seen this done before and it takes a little bit of doing to do it but comes out real nice when it’s done right and so what they did is on the Harley there were a speedometer tachometer here and so what they’ve done is a mounted speakers there and in these other gates locations got a couple of tweeters here these are looks like there’s no speakers behind those but you’ve got a total of six speakers in the front here .

looks like they’re Memphis audio speakers there’s a Kenwood head unit there and so jams pretty good going down the road and then the whole bike was was painted the fairing and the rear fender and the style of actual painted to match the bike this green white on the fenders and on the gas tank I believe is the factory paint does have us driving lights on it’s got the little visors it’s got a little set of lower guards smoked turn signal covers there on the front white wall tires I’m a big fan of the white walls these bikes are shaft drive 1500 CC liquid-cooled this bike is corporated this one has about twelve thousand seven hundred and ninety eight miles on it exactly twelve thousand 78 miles on it you’ve got four boards with a hill toast shifter the highway bar so there’s your mission switch we’ll go ahead and crank her up for you this carburetor but it starts up easily and idles really good these are set of stock exhaust pipes look like the baffles have been drilled give it a little bit more noise it’s not loud but has a nice sound to it motor sounds really good in this bike and shifts good drives real nice this runs really really good ,cheap motorcycle fairings,you know it’s not a perfect bike it’s got some marks on here there so this bikes got a really being a great price range,ninja 250r fairing kit, so if you’re looking for a lot of bike for the money this may be just the one has that kind of real classic look to it I just really dig this bike and you know whoever put this together we did a good job keeping the proportions in the lines ride the bike really has a nice look to it alright that’s a look at this pre-owned 2004 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 classic we are Mainland cycle Center we’re located in Lamarck Texas we’re about 30 minutes south of downtown Houston just off of I 45 you can find us online at main land cycle center comm by phone at four oh nine nine four eight four nine six nine and we would just love it if you’d give us a call just email or even better come by and see us in person here at bio cycle center where we love to help any way that we can hey thanks for watching

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