08 CBR1000RR Right Side Fairing Replacement!

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I’ll be replacing direct our fairing on a 2008 cbr1000rr tools you will be 10 millimeter allen key if a flathead screwdriver or I’m using this to get some of the push pins out and Phillips head screwdriver after you get your tools together there are three bolts but you need to unscrew one right here two on the bottom each one of these are different so after you take them off you wanna make sure to put them back in the right place we’re going to call them 1501 and the fat one so this is the fat one it goes on the left side right here next to the exhaust and the skinny one goes on this side right here to push .

push pins on the outside there’s one right here on oh if you can see it in the video is right under here you would need your Phillips head to take it out so after taking the bolt and the pushing pins this this box just come off pretty easy all you have to do is do that are there on the bottom and the whole thing should come out least make sure not to pull the fairness out kind of art,cbr 500r fairings, because the this port sits right here so make sure not sits right here so make sure not to pull it hard so you won’t end up breaking or pulling any wires or anything I just notice that this just bearing right here .

it came with this fart and my bike didn’t have it I think it was the wall force open during the accident it has these two Pistons right here he’s right to get him out of this person right here in the middle and them right off so I just got the fairing back on it looks a whole lot better already huh make sure before you put the fairing on to connect all the hoses and if you have it open might as well just take the radiator fluid ,cbr500r fairings,because it’s easy to get to there after you get it in make sure this is back in its place this one looks a little better after I get the push pins and the bolts back in everything back in its place so it was very easily very simple ,cheap motorcycle fairings,it took me less than an hour to get it done as you can see it looks a whole lot better offer before and after picture how a used to look and I will look now if you use any of the information in this video please leave a like if you have any questions please leave them in the comment section below thank you for watching

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