New Agro-energy Cultures

In 2010, after multiple studies carried out in Northern Europe and after verifying the high potential of agro-energy cultures, the Group decided to build an ad hoc agricultural society, Agriwatt, in partnership with Gruppo SAIF/Enviro with the purpose to test the hybrid sterile culture of MiscanthusGiganteus, derived from the crossbreed of MiscanthusSinensis and MiscanthusSacchariflorus.

The first results pushed the Group to carry out further planting independently, through subsidiary Sardinia Bio Energy, and in 2011, another investment was made in the culture, bringing the current Miscanthus plantation to be among the most important in the Mediterranean area. The years of tests, in addition to create an important know-how, contribute to identify the best worldwide partners for developing the project.

Our partners avail themselves of twenty-year experiences in the agro-energy field in Northern/ Central America and in Northern Europe, and they boast primary energy multinational companies among their clients, and also tens of thousands of planted hectares worldwide. Our partners, after having analysed and catalogued for many years, over 3,000 different types of Miscanthus, were able to identify the best crossbreeds, among which, those that best adapt to the climatic regions of the Mediterranean area in terms of water supply and output per hectare, and resistance against external parasites.

The company in 2013 began a nursery for the production and marketing of Miscanthus giganteus rhizomes selected. The surfaces of the nursery, reach 16 hectares and allow each year to obtain a number of useful rhizomes to plant over 250 acres / year. These rhizomes are used by the Group for the planting of new areas in Sardinia but they are also for sale with deliveries throughout Italy and Europe.